Corporate Partner Spotlight

Our communities are stronger when all sectors come together to maintain and improve the quality of life for the towns and cities in which they operate. This has proven especially true during the ongoing global health pandemic. Community leaders, like our corporate partners, continue to support our neighbors in getting through, and recovering from, the harsh impact of Covid-19.

Steve Sheinkopf, Yale Appliance and Lighting

Steve Sheinkopf, CEO of Yale Appliance and Lighting understands firsthand the benefit of being a corporate partner and giving directly to a community foundation. Since its inception, Yale Appliance and Lighting has always given back to the communities in which they operate. It was a natural next step to become involved in the MetroWest community when Sheinkopf opened the Framingham showroom.

“Instead of having a sit-down with every charity in the area, you can have everything vetted by the Foundation. They will then find the appropriate organizations that really need and deserve the funds,” said Sheinkopf. “This saves a lot of time, but is also a good cause.”

On Corporate Giving

The Foundation for MetroWest represents a wide variety of ideas and interests with the common goal of bettering the community. The foundation acts as a connector, educator, funder and ally to make a lasting difference together. Doing this critical work in our communities becomes possible with the support of business leaders.

“It’s always been my belief that it’s incumbent upon the business community to fix the problems within their own communities. Whether it’s homelessness, opioid addiction, veteran’s affairs or other issues, these will only get fixed when the businesses in the local community work in concert with organizations like community foundations,” said Sheinkopf.

Yale Appliance and Lighting, a corporate partner of the Foundation, is committed to bettering the communities where they do business.

“MetroWest is a prosperous region, but we have neighbors that aren’t so prosperous living on the edge. These are the people we need to pay attention to,” said Sheinkopf. “If businesses are fortunate enough to profit off our communities, we have to give back to those communities. It’s the right thing to do.”

Community Leadership Breakfast

Though the Community Leadership Breakfast, one of the Foundation’s largest fundraisers, has been canceled this year, we are still looking to our corporate partners to support the Foundation’s work. The business community’s generosity ensures we can continue bettering the quality of life for all MetroWest neighbors. We are grateful for the support of our Yale Appliance and Lighting and other partners for their continued support of the Foundation.


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