Action Projects

Action Projects address a particular issue in our region and are identified through a combination of data and collaborative conversations with local nonprofit partners, educators, and civic leaders. 

Equity in Education Project

This project launched in 2021 and made possible thanks to the support of MathWorks. The primary goal of this project is to increase literacy rates for MetroWest students in grades 1-4 and address math performance outcomes for middle school students. 

Workforce Development Project

This project focuses on income inequality that persists in the MetroWest, and provides a path to financial stability for under resourced youth and underemployed or unemployed adults. 

Impact MetroWest

Community Indicator Project

Impact MetroWest, a comprehensive community needs assessment is an interactive resource that enables us and the community to focus our efforts based on data. Impact MetroWest increases awareness around the strengths and challenges facing the cities and towns that comprise our MetroWest community. Two of the significant needs identified from Impact MetroWest are being addressed through our Action Projects.

To learn more about our Action Projects and how you can support them, contact Matt Jose, Director of Development.

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To learn more about our Action Projects and how you can support them, contact Matt Jose, Senior Program Officer, Action Projects.