Arts & Culture

Art Builds Community

Art and culture surround us and brings us together. They are a critical component of our community; they have the power to bridge cultures and add a richness to our experiences. Beyond the benefits to quality of life, the cultural sector plays a vital role in boosting the local economy.

December 14, 2022
The needs in our MetroWest community continue to be significant, we saw a record number of grant applications this fall for our Human Services and Arts & Culture grants. We are thrilled...
Group of teenagers outside on sunny day smiling in front of sign that says "Plugged In".
September 25, 2018
For MetroWest teens, being in a rock band doesn’t need to be limited to the confines of their garage. Plugged In is an experience they can share with others, while also lending...

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Your donation to the MetroWest Fund for Arts & Culture will ensure our MetroWest region remains a vibrant hub of artistic and cultural projects now and for years to come.

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Please contact Mary Crowley via email or (508) 647-2260 if you are interested in transferring assets to the Foundation.