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Donor Advised Funds

As a single source of information about the needs of the community, we know which organizations can most effectively meet those needs, and where charitable contributions can have the greatest impact–while also being the most tax advantageous.

We provide personalized service unique to a community foundation, as well as benefits that are typically found at commercial donor-advised funds such as a diverse investment portfolio and low investment fees.

Learn More about the differences between a Donor Advised Funds and  Community Foundation

Who Should Start a Donor Advised Fund?

Donor-advised funds are a tax-advantaged, convenient way to organize your philanthropy, a great solution for:

  • Families looking for a way to engage multiple generations in giving
  • Securing a charitable deduction when you have a taxable event
  • People looking to keep their giving anonymous
  • People looking for informed and trusted guidance and advice to help direct their giving
  • People looking to have a greater impact in MetroWest
  • People looking to create an endowed fund to support the region for generations to come

How Does a Donor Advised Fund Work?

A donor-advised fund is easy to set up, with a minimum opening gift of $10,000. Once your fund is created, you can recommend distributions from your fund to nonprofit organizations. We will do the rest, carrying out your charitable wishes.

You’ll have secure online access to your fund 24/7, and you will receive quarterly statements of fund activity. And when tax time rolls around, all you need is one receipt from the Foundation for your gift to your fund.

You can add to your fund at any time and in any amount. We can accept a wide variety of gifts: cash, securities, real property—even privately-held stock or partnership interests.

Why Start a Donor Advised Fund?


You can use your fund to recommend donations to the charities to which you already give, and/or we will provide information on organizations or areas of interest to assist you in choosing your grant recipients. You can secure a charitable tax deduction when you contribute to your fund, and recommend distributions to charities when you’re ready-whether that’s right away, or months after opening your fund

Personal service from professional foundation staff

Maximum tax benefits for your donations

Less paperwork

The option of anonymity or recognition for your giving

A supportive forum for family giving

Opportunities to connect with others

Start a Donor Advised Fund

We look forward to discussing your goals and creating a plan that aligns with your charitable objectives and financial situation. We encourage you to include your legal and/or financial advisors in the conversation so your decisions about the fund integrate seamlessly with your financial and estate plans.

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