Giving Tuesday with Emmy Elguizaoui and Wonder Wire Woman

As we enter giving season, we are humbled to know our neighbors are thinking of the Foundation for MetroWest. New Framingham resident, recent mom and small business owner, Emmy Elguizaoui, learned of the Foundation after doing research to find an organization working with emergency relief efforts.

She launched a campaign through her business’s Instagram, @wonderwirewoman, announcing she would be donating 25% of the proceeds from her sales through November 30 to the Foundation. So far, she has had a few orders towards this campaign, and hopes people continue to support her. Emmy will make her donation on December 1, which is also Giving Tuesday.

We sat down with Emmy to learn more about Wonder Wire Woman and her desire to give back during this time. Below is the interview.

*Interview has been edited for conciseness*

The Foundation for MetroWest: Tell us about the Genesis of Wonder Wire Woman.

Emmy Elguizaoui: In 2015, I was looking for a new creative outlet and I love jewelry. I started to learn, through YouTube, how to make wire-wrapped jewelry, and I would originally keep it for myself. I think it was my brother who suggested I should start to sell it on Etsy.

The Foundation: What is the meaning of Wonder Wire Woman?

Emmy: My best friend actually helped me come up with it. I wanted a strong and powerful name for my business, and that made us think of Wonder Woman. Because it is wire-wrapped jewelry, the alliteration made sense.

The Foundation: What inspired you to use your business as an avenue to give back to your community? Emmy: Around this time of year, I like to give back in some fashion—whether it’s donating a portion [of proceeds] or doing a sale. I have a cousin who has osteosarcoma, and I did a campaign to help raise money for her care. People really bought a lot of pieces from that campaign, and that made me keep doing it.

The Foundation: And can you tell us about your connection to MetroWest?

Emmy: I recently moved to Framingham with my husband, right before the pandemic hit. I really wanted to put roots down in the MetroWest area and give back to the community by infusing some of my work into the Framingham area.

The Foundation: So, how did you find out about the Foundation?

Emmy: When I first started looking for an organization to give back to, I was looking for one that was working with emergency relief because Covid-19 has taken a toll on so many people locally. I can see the effects of the pandemic in my own backyard. I did some research, and I really like that the Foundation for MetroWest gives back through a few different avenues, not just emergency relief. From culture and arts to education to hunger relief, and fighting hunger, which is what drew me in. During the pandemic, people have lost jobs, food insecurity is on the rise, and many other insecurities. I, myself, have been lucky to not deal with those insecurities. I wanted my donation to go back into the community in which I live, that is why I’m giving back to the Foundation.

The Foundation: Have you been able to get involved in the community in other ways during this time?

Emmy: My husband and I have been able to adopt families on different occasions, just to give them food, anonymously of course, because we don’t want them to feel like there’s a spotlight on them. It’s important to us to give and make sure people aren’t hungry. This was my impetus for giving back, originally. After doing research on the Foundation, I found out you do so many other things and thought to myself ‘I like this’.

The Foundation: Why did you ultimately choose to give to the Foundation on Giving Tuesday?

Emmy: I wanted my donation to go back into the community in which I live, that is why I’m giving to the Foundation.

To support Emmy as she continues to raise money for the Foundation, visit her Instagram, Facebook or Etsy Shop. We are grateful for Emmy’s generosity!

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