Donor-Advised Fundholder Spotlight: Maureen Maas

Hear from Maureen Maas in her own words why she opened a donor-advised fund at the Foundation for MetroWest.

“I have had the opportunity to see the positive impact we can have in the MetroWest region as a member of the Foundation for MetroWest’s Grant Distribution Committee—and it’s inspiring. After years of serving on this committee, it was natural for me to open my donor-advised fund (DAF) at the Foundation. Establishing a DAF that supports MetroWest communities and the Foundation’s mission was an integral component of my strategy as I was planning for the future.

Opening a DAF with the Foundation was an easy decision because I feel so passionate about the work the Foundation is doing throughout our region. The staff has in-depth knowledge about local nonprofit organizations and current needs. They are experts. The staff’s input enables me to channel my philanthropy to areas where I am most passionate and keeps me informed where the needs are the greatest. I rely heavily on the team’s recommendations to help guide my philanthropic decisions. We have a true partnership.

The DAF also provides an opportunity for me to deepen my awareness about local nonprofits which I can build on after I retire. It is important for me to support the MetroWest region now and for future generations, and my DAF fulfills that objective.

Creating a DAF at the Foundation enables me to leave a legacy, utilize tax planning strategies, and have the confidence that my philanthropic giving is impactful and aligned with my preferences. We all want to be associated with others who we admire and respect, and that is how I feel about the Foundation’s staff. I view my DAF and relationship with the Foundation as a long-term commitment and look forward to all we can accomplish together throughout our MetroWest communities.”
Maureen Maas

The Foundation for MetroWest is grateful for Maureen Maas’ continued partnership. To learn about the Foundation’s donor-advised funds or our other fund options, read more here and contact Renee Quinn at



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