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Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) is an experiential leadership development program designed to empower and educate local youth to become our community’s next generation of philanthropists–those who give their time, talent and treasure for the common good.

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The inaugural program ran in 1997, and over the past 25 years YIP has grown to become one of the largest and longest running youth philanthropy education program in the country.

Today, YIP is offered by the Foundation for MetroWest with the generous support of individuals, families and community partners. We share a vision that young people need opportunities to develop the skills to be the future leaders and stewards of our community.

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Importance of Youth in Philanthropy

We believe when you teach youth the importance of giving back to their community, you empower them to change the world. Our Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) program sparks a lifelong lesson in philanthropy.

The combination of hands-on experiences, insight into nonprofit operations, and understanding a nonprofit’s impact invite students to see a new side of their community. This perspective influences how YIP alumni incorporate giving and caring for the communities they live in for the rest of their life. The philanthropic education provided in our YIP programs has a multiplied impact on the community. When donors fund YIP programs, YIP students fund local youth-serving nonprofit organizations and learn how to be civic-minded leaders in our communities and beyond. YIP alumni are empowered to make a difference.

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By joining a Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) program you can make a positive impact in your community while teaming up with other students from across MetroWest.

Through the program you’ll get to visit local organizations, delve into community needs, grant money to causes benefiting youth – and potentially fulfill community service hours! Unlike other volunteer opportunities, YIP puts the power of decision making in your hands and empowers you to be a change-maker. The program provides you with a skill-set you can draw upon throughout your life.

Give Back to Your Community

Expand Your Perspective

Be a Change-Maker

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Inspire a Lifelong Commitment to Philanthropy

Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) is an experiential leadership development program of the Foundation for MetroWest. Our YIP program empowers and educates local youth to become our community’s next generation of philanthropists–those who give their time, talent and treasure for the common good.

The YIP journey begins by uncovering the needs that exist right in our backyard. With this approach, youth discover their potential to positively impact their neighbors, town and region.

Since 1997 our YIP program has empowered hundreds of youth to invest over $1 million to support youth-serving nonprofits in our region. YIP helps students gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to take on leadership roles and pursue a lifelong passion for giving back.

The program is made possible thanks to generous donors and supporters, including parents like you.

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